Information on the students is arranged alphabetically within each block of graduates. The arrangement is taken from the relevant class-book so the surnames are those shown at the time of graduation. Those persons who were shown as “Camera Shy” at the end of the listing including photos have been listed in the appropriate place alphabetically. In addition there are a few who left Marshall before graduating, for example those who were scheduled to graduate in January 1957 or June 1957 whose families moved out of the Marshall area in the summer of 1956. Some of these continued an attachment to Marshall. They are listed in the appropriate graduation group.

The photographs used are scanned from the class-books. The results are less than ideal because the printing process was not of a high resolution. In a couple of instances copies of the original photos have been used. The higher resolution of the photos allows far clearer scans.

Graduates of January 1957

The following lists the persons who graduated in the Class of January 1957 or would have graduated in that class had they not left Marshall before January 1957. The list is organized alphabetically by surname used in Seniors on Parade, January 1957. For each graduate Seniors on Parade provided the following: surname, given name; nickname, …

Graduates of June 1957

The following is a list of the graduates of the Class of June 1957 or persons who would have graduated in that class had they not left Marshall earlier. The list is organized alphabetically by the surname used in Salute to the Seniors June 1957.