Return to Graduates of January 1957

1) Virginia Anderson – Lillie Mae Campbell

Virginia Andersen “Ginnie” (Tennyson) Chorister, Library Helper, Hall Guard. Ambition: Nurse.

Fred Andrews “Doug” (Tennyson) NEWS Sports Editor, Frosh-Soph Basketball Team. Ambition: Journalist.

Queen Arnold “Legs” (Flower) Sr. Honor Society, Teacher’s Aide. Ambition: Dramatics.

Annette Austin “Cha Cha” (Beidler) Braille Reader, Attendance Office. Ambition: Marriage.

Norma Benefield (Ola) Attendance Office, Teacher’s Aide. Ambition: Housewife.

Frances Betts “Hipps” (Flower) Sr. Honor Society President, M.C.A. Treasurer. Ambition: Secretary.

James Bove “Lucky Jim” (Morse) NEWS Co-Editor-in-Chief, Co-Chairman of LIMS. Ambition: Politician.

James Braun “Jim” (Bell) Braille Club President, Sr. Honor Society. Ambition: Chiropractor.

Alex Brown “Sweet Charlie” (Beidler) Swimming Team, Choristers Vice-President. Ambition: Gym teacher.

Alice Brown (Morse) Program Office, Sr. Honor Society, Spanish Club. Ambition: Artist.

Lucille Burdi “Lulu” (Austin) Hall Guard, Braille Reader, Library Helper. Ambition: Wife and mother.

Lillie Mae Campbell “Mickey” (McLaren) Sergeant-at-Arms, Chorus, Hall Guard. Ambition: Grammar school teacher.